Data sources

This section describes the data sources used in the generation of "El Viajero" Linked Data. We consider several data sources belonging to the Prisa Group, enhanced with external data sources from the Linked Data cloud.
The information published is currently accesible through the Prisa platforms. We haven't published any sensible or private information from the users.

Official Publishing information

The news have been provided according to a variation of the IPTC International Press Communications Council), named NITF (News Industry Text Format), used by other major publishing agencies like AFP , ANSA or AP Digital.
The data is separated from the metadata in different kinds of files: one for the structure of the news, another for the content of each piece of news, another one for the metadata of the sources of the news like images or videos and another one for storing statistics about the news (such as views, date of the last view, etc).
Finally, some of the news have the location they are referring to in a separate file.

Blogs and Posts

The blogs, posts and comments, on the other part, are stored in three different private databases: one with metadata about the posts (creator, number of comments, body, date of creation, etc), other one with metadata about the blogs (title, header image, description, owner, etc) and other one with the comments of each post (creator, date of creation, etc.)

Restaurants and Hotels

The information related to the Santillana guide is stored in a private database, which contains data about Spanish restaurants and hotels. For each of these establishments, several data are specified: data about identity (name and identification), location (postal address, geographic coordinates and approach roads), contact (phone, fax, email, Webpage), service (prices and closing time and dates), as well as recommendations made by the editors.

External sources enhancement

The available locations have been enhanced with the geolocation from external databases from the Linked Data cloud. For the spanish peninsula, GeoLinkedData has been used (provinces, municipalities, etc.). In case the result wasn't found or it referred to a location outside of Spain, its geolocation has been taken from DBPedia.

Moreover, information about an external data source has been incorporated in order to enrich the information provided by the Santillana guide. This information has been acquired from the catalogue of the Open Data Euskadi intiative.

Data providers

Prisa group