The project Web N+1 combines several distinguished spanish researches in the new generation of the Web with the first and most advanced technological entrprises to lead the way in the strategic sectors of the spanish economy towards the Web 3.0.

Use case: "El Viajero"

One of the main use cases in the project focuses on the integration of the contents produced by newspapers and digital platforms belonging to Prisa group : “Suplemento El País” , ”Guías Aguilar” , “Canal Viajar” and “Prisa Digital”. It also includes the recommendations of the users (more than 1000 published), their images (more than 2000 availables from the web) and blogs in which the different users express their travelling experiences through the earth (with mote than 600 blogs).

In this initiative lead by OEG, the contents of the Prisa group have been published in RDF (Resource Description Framework), according to the Linked Data principles, and modeling all the available provenance with the Open Provenance Model.

Vicomtech-IK4 has published the content of the Santillana guide (owned by Prisa Digital) as Linked Data. The guide contains information about more than 1500 Spanish restaurants and more than 1500 Spanish hotels. The ontology that has been used for publishing the Linked Data dataset models the tourist domain represented in the project, and partially reuses the Infutur ontology. Furthermore, information about some of the restaurants described by the Open Data Euskadi initiative has been integrated.

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